Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Dangerous delusional bullshit - now free for people attending the 24th National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs.

This is the leaflet that has been prepared for us to hand out to those "space warriors" who will be attending the Colorado Springs confab next week. Since we know that some of them regularly view this blog they can get an early glimpse.

The von Braun quote is from 1950, and he was talking about working for the German Army in 1932.

In 1932, the idea of war seemed to us an absurdity. The Nazis weren't even in power. We felt no moral scruples about the possible future abuse of our brain child. We were interested solely in exploring outer space. It was simply a question with us of how the golden cow would be milked most successfully.

In fine agit-prop tradition, they spelled General Schriever's first name wrong. But they get style points for Euro-izing it to emphasize the 'Nazis developed the space program' theme.

I wonder if it even matters that the only source for General Schriever's quote [1] are far-left papers that repeat the quote and don't provide context.

[1] I admit it was a hasty search - corrections welcome!

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