Monday, April 28, 2008

All that and a bag of chips

Reposting some comments I made around the web today. Because I think I'm all that plus a bag of chips.

Chris wrote

In other news, I finished reading Chris Roberson's latest novel, The Dragon's Nine Sons. It's a retelling of the "Dirty Dozen" movie, set in an alternate future where the Chinese Empire and the Aztec-based Mexica Dominion control the world and are at war with each other. The novel's interesting enough, and the alternate history is fascinating. However, I do have a problem - in the book, all Mexica technology requires a human sacrifice to start. Various sensors and sacrificial altars are hard-wired into the equipment.

And I thought we had inventory problems at the plant - imagine JIT when the component is a live person?

Soni wrote

Also making an appearance were several examples from non-standard English, such as the Deep South’s “you/y’all/all y’all” (explained as singular, plural and emphatic plural, respectively: “…As in, ‘Jim Bob! You get off my lawn!’ vs ‘Jim Bob! Y’all kids get off my lawn!’ vs ‘I said ALL Y’ALL KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN BEFORE I GO GET MY SHOTGUN!’”)

I said, at Thanksgiving two years ago, to a room full of people

All y’all get in here - dinner is served.

My parents - from Oklahoma - understood. My kids - raised mostly in Texas - understood. Our Wisconsin friends looked baffled; What did you say?

Sheesh - it’s like these people never watched ‘Dukes of Hazard’.
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