Monday, April 14, 2008

Bell's Amusment Park

There was an amusement park where I grew up. Two coasters, a log flume, assorted rides. It was not as big as the one in the Mall of America but it was close - and it was in town, where the nearest theme park was hours away.

Past tense - they lost their land two years ago when the county failed to renew their lease. Killing a fifty-year old business. The land is now a parking lot.

"We are a public entity here, and we have to make decisions that's in the best interest of our constituents we represent," said Randi Miller, Tulsa County Fair Board Chairman.

I'm sure a parking lot brings in a whole lot more rent money for the county than a thriving business brought.

I like being from Tulsa more than I liked living in Tulsa.
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