Thursday, April 03, 2008

Democracy is great - except for that will of the people jazz

For those of you from out of state, this is what he's complaining about; we elect our state supreme court justices to ten-year terms. When there is an vacancy the governor appoints a judge to fill the position until the term expires.

It's wacky but that's how we do things here. I suppose the guys who wrote the state constitution just loved them some Democracy or something.

A fellow who was appointed by our current governor lost an election this week. We join the blogger in mid screed ...

But they know what they did and what they do. The popping of champagne corks in country clubs, gated-community mansions and right-wing radio studios could be heard throughout the state – or at least in the North Shore and western suburbs – and throughout the nation, where the attack on the independent judiciary is driven (and funded) by the same devious greed-heads who brought you Junior Bush and the war in Iraq.

I am not sure how a fair and open election [1] is an attack on an independent judiciary and a political appointment by a single man is not. Me, I think it would be the reverse.

We've always been at war with Eastasia.

[1] 51% - 49%
[2] I just now discovered this - the right to hunt and fish is written into our state constitution. That is totally kick-ass.
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