Thursday, April 03, 2008

Lileks on Video

Missing your daily dose of Bleat because James Lileks went on hiatus until April 7th?

Never fear - every Friday he posts a video review at SmartFlix. Here is this week's edition ..

Let’s Grow Mushrooms! No. No, let’s not. I know some people regard them as delicacies, but I can never shake the childhood definition of mushrooms: slimy brown things that glopped out of a can, all the same size and shape like congealed lump of smoker’s mucus shoved through a Play-Doh Fun Factory.

It's not nearly as good as last week's entry ' .. on dog Training'.

Once we’re at Fenster’s house, we meet his dog. A poodle. (Of course.) Fenster, we learn, paid to have his poodle learn how to fetch sodas from the fridge. The dog uses a rag tied around the door to open the fridge. If I may interject: we trained our dog to do this. We praised him to the skies and said good dog aren’t you just a good dog yes you are. Then it struck me: teaching a dog to open the fridge is like tossing your teen the keys to the liquor cabinet. Plus, the dog would have to bring the sodas in his mouth. I’ve seen what he eats.

But even a 'pretty good' effort from Mr. Lileks is miles better than the wrack some commentators put out on a weekly basis.
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