Thursday, April 17, 2008

John Ringo - The Last Centurion

John Ringo's fiction jacks my stuff.

He writes well. His worlds hang together - lack of internal self-consistency bugs the ned out of me.

The bad guys get theirs. The good guys, after facing adversity and obstacles, win. He gets the military right - and that ain't easy.

He doesn't do sophisticated Literature - but once in a while you just want a well written book you can chew away at. Actually for me that's most of the time.

His new book, The Last Centurion, is going to be published in August, but it's out right now in electronic form. The first nine chapters are on Baen's Free Library; it's all pretty much exposition and setup for the rest of the book. But it's all rock-and-rollin' exposition and there is a whole lot going on; a global pandemic, incompetent politicians, a new Little Ice Age.

No aliens coming to eradicate humanity - he's already done that - this is billed as 'A Military Thriller About an All-Too Plausible Tomorrow'.

Could. Not. Put. It. Down. Or at least not the first nine chapters. And by 'put it down' I meant 'could not stop staring at the screen and scrolling'.

Joe Bob says check it out.
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