Friday, April 18, 2008

This we'll defend

What the Doc said.
My culture judges a man by the content of his character not the color of his skin.

My culture believes that a man has a right to the fruits of his own labors, and he may feast or famine dependent upon how fat or hungry he wishes to be.

My culture believes that men should behave as gentlemen, and women should behave as ladies.

My culture believes that government is a necessary evil that should only do those things that the private citizens cannot.

My culture believes that a man's faith is between him and his God, and as long as it doesn't involve sacrificing puppies or molesting children, you can pretty much believe in whatever diety you like, but we also get pissed off when people try to enforce state supported atheism by obliterating any reference to any faith, and call believers backwards yokels.

My culture is being assaulted by multiculturalism, socialism, communism, islamic fundamentalism and a whole host of other "isms."

My culture believes that the individual is the first, last, and greatest defense against the "isms" of the world, and that he can, and should avail himself of every tool in the prosecution of this defense, from soap box, to ballot box, to ammunition box.

This culture is mine. This I shall defend.
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