Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Hose Down by Leslie Fish - with lyrics

Well, look who thinks he's all that and a bag of chips [1], just because Leslie Fish sang at his birthday party?

Thanks largely to hisamishness, the inimitable Leslie Fish sang at my birthday party this weekend. She is currently compiling "Lock and Load" CD of pro-RKBA music. I am working on the cover design for it now. One of the titles is "Hose-down". I filmed it with my pocket camera and it came out reasonably well.

The Youtube video is, as advertised, pretty good.

And lyrics! While filk might not be your cup of tea, proper gun control should be.

Hose-Down by Leslie Fish

Hey you cocky, khaki boys
Proud of all your combat toys.
D'ya think you can spray all your troubles away,
With a hose-down?

Fire that AR rock-n-roll.
When you add the final toll
You don't kill much but sleeves and brush,
When you hose-down.

One good sniper up a tree
can wipe out a whole company.
Because he'll take the time to aim,
While the hose-down boys just spray and pray.

When you go to spray and blast
You use up lots of ammo fast.
How much can you carry?
How long can you tarry,
When you hose-down?

One good well-aimed shotgun round
Can throw as much hot lead around
As the entire clip of an AR zip
When you hose-down.

The point of throwing lead around
Is to make the other guy keep down.
But wear good armor front and head:
You'll stand tall while they fall dead!

It aint' much sense and it ain't much class
To fill the air with smoke and brass.
Everyone can see just where you be,
When you hose-down.

Making lots of flame and noise
May be fun for hot-ass boys.
But you win the game by how well you aim,
Not hose-down.

Yes you win the game by how well you aim,
Not hose-down.

See? Instructive, lyrical and Kipling-esque.

[1] This is kidding, of course - having a well known anarchist filk singer at a birthday party is pretty darn nifty.
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