Monday, April 14, 2008


The best thing about this weekend? The Monkeys rode the roller coasters at Mall of America. All of them. First .. Ever ... Roller Coasters. [1]

Including this one, which gave me the willies just watching.

Straight up - no problem! It's the vertical drop straight down that gives me pause.

Also .. you can get your money's worth from the all-day unlimited pass - but you gotta work at it. Being 13 and 8 helps.

[1] When we lived in Texas and were less than an hour's drive from Six Flags, OM was too young for coasters. Then we moved to Wisconsin and the nearest amusement park is hours away. We're not fair-goers, carnival rides don't run to roller coasters. There certainly isn't anything to compare with the local amusement park where I grew up.
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