Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pride .. Fall

Pride comes before the fall.

At five o'clock I was informed that two things were, in fact, wrong.

Vim was broken when I moved everything around on the NFS mount to the new directory structure. Fixing was as easy as re-creating a symbolic link but ... why vim when vi is just as easy to use and it's always there no matter what? I suspect the consultick was paid extra for including a pretty text editor. 'Cause they had to edit the .vimrc file so it matched the terminal colors and took (I'm guessing) a whole billable day.

Tail Fins

No, really. The application user has a color scheme with a gee-whiz prompt. Doing things as that user is like climbing into a Cadillac with tail fins; it's baroque.

I have no idea how much adding that stuff on actually cost but .. you know the shadier car dealers who charge hundreds of dollars for 'fabric protection' and then casually Scotch-Guard the fabric? It's like that.

We no longer patronize that consultancy.

The second thing was even easier to fix but far more critical: I neglected to import the application's crontab file from the old to the new host. This is only important if you want the application to actually run at night and gather it's data .. which is the only reason for it's existence.

Duh on me.

Checklists are important for getting stuff done but they also make it easy to go back and figure out why your stuff broke and how to fix it.
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