Monday, April 07, 2008


My nephew was given an in-school suspension ... for bringing oregano to school in a baggie.

It's not as lame as suspending a kid for sniffing marker [1] but ... suspension for bringing a spice [2] to school with no intent to sell? Dude was trying to look cool and hip in front of his peers not rip the potheads off.

So .. ya. If the school was trying to make a kid look cool to the thugs and potheads - suspension is the way to go. I'm biased but he's not a thug or a pothead - he's a kid in a difficult family situation who wants to fit in and be cool.

Looks like the authorities in Numbnuts, Virginia are doing their best to push him firmly the wrong way.

[1] Hat tip to UTI.
[2] No, I'm not naive but there is a difference between looking like pot and being pot.
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