Thursday, April 03, 2008

A rant deleted

I had a rant all ready to roll.

It started with a blockquote from comments on this blog post
These are bizarre and terrifying
I just want to clarify where these come from. It seems relevant. They totally freak me out,
The idea that the only way we think we can make a safer, better society is for everyone to carry a gun is incredibly sad. It's also individualistic--the answer to racism, rape, and gay bashing is to carry a gun, not have any form of social organizing.
The Holocaust ones are particularly offensive. When the agents of the totalitarian state come for you, they always come in groups. What are you going to do, pull your gun and have three of them shoot you before you can shoot one of them? Either way, you're just as dead.

Referring to Oleg Volk's imagery, like this


and this

Freedom - Slavery

and this


and wrapped up with this picture

Then I did something foolish with cut-paste and it all went into the bit bucket.

Just as well - the people who responded to the post are intelligent, smart and all I was doing was tossing the rant bomb around.
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